Date: Friday 10th November 2017

Time: 09.00am - 05.30pm

Location: The Barbican, City Of London

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The New WHO Classification of Odontogentic Tumours Explained

Are we over treating some Odontogentic tumours?

Learn about the Japanese Experience with Ameloblastoma

Is there a medical solution to Giant Cell Lesions and Fibrous dysplasia?

Contribute to the day and shape future clinical practice

UCLH Controversy Series

Controversies in the Management of Jaw Necrosis.

9.15 Introduction


9.30 Defining the problem? The Incidence and Epidemiology of ORN: Prof Bente Herlofson

10.00 Results of UK Survey on provision of dental care ? Mr V Patel

10.15 Results of UK Survey – Adoption of PentoOCLO in the UK. Mr Jag Dhanda

10.30  Coffee

Management of ORN

11.00   Surgical Options – does surgery have a role and when to use it? Prof Blandin Ruhin:     

11.30   Hyperbaric Oxygen is it effective in ORN? Prof Richard Shaw

12.0  PentOCLO  - What is the role in ORN – early and late disease.  Prof Sylvie Delanian

12.30 Panel Discussion: Prof Bente Herlofson, Prof Richard Van Merkesteyn, Prof Richard Shaw, Prof Sylvie Delanian, Prof Blandin Ruhin

Moderator Vini/MMcGurk

1- 2pm: Lunch


2pm Defining the problem. The Incidence and Epidemiology of ORN Prof Bente Herlofson

2.30 Prevention, Diagnosis & Management of MRONJ - Danish Experience: Prof Morten Schiodt

3.00 Tea

3.30 Prevention, Diagnosis & Management of MRONJ- Dutch Experience
Prof Richard Van Merkesteyn

4.00 Panel Discussion - Prof Richard Van Merkesteyn, Prof Bente Herlofson, Stefano Fedele, Prof Morten Schiodt, Prof Blandin Ruhin

Moderator Vini/MMcGurk